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Setting up a minimal Hugo website

I discovered a most excellent thing recently for developing websites: Hugo. More truthfully, a friend got me onto it. At first I couldn't see the point of something that generates static pages from source.

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Oscillators on the PIC16F1455

Oscillators on a PIC can be a bit of a minefield to understand. Especially learning to read through a datasheet. So it can be a little daunting just to get a baseline start.

Hopefully I can help here.

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Minimum setup for a PIC16F1455 on a Breadboard + PICkit3

If you need a quick setup for the PIC16F1455, fast wiring and code to check output from a pin, this article is for you.

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FPGA Verilog simulation using GTKWave on the iCE40-feather

One of the nice things about working with FPGAs and Verilog is the array of open source tools and development boards that are available.

Our aim is to take a verilog file, a testbench and simulate it using Icarus Verilog / GTKWave.

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How to remove harvesting from a new Windows 10 instance

Microsoft has a sea of settings that have their best interests at heart. The biggest one being Cortana, and placing ads on the lock screen.

When receiving a new laptop or PC that has Windows 10 installed, there are a number of things that you can do to shut Microsoft out.

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Single Optional Argument for a LaTeX Macro

I recently needed to create a new LaTeX macro for a User manual. The macro was to output a defined character, but in a colour specified by the author. Therefore, I needed a macro that accepted a single optional argument.

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Simple start with WebAssembly/Emscripten and C/C++

I am really excited by this technology. In many aspects, it's a return to where I started, assembly coding on 8-bit and 16-bit machines. And it's a shot in the arm for the browser, opening up many new possibilities for frontend web development.

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Minimum setup for a PIC32MX270F256B on a Breadboard + PICkit3

My first experiments with PIC Microcontrollers was on the PIC32MX170F256B. But after discovering that there was no USB module on that controller, I then purchased a PIC32MX270F256B which did have one.

This article serves as a reminder for the minimum setup for this microcontroller.

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SSD1306 and SSD1315 oLED Modules for the Pi1541

As mentioned in my previous article, while building the Pi1541, I had a lot of difficulty getting the oLED module to work.

I blamed it on the fact I had accidentally purchased an SSD1315 instead of an SSD1306.

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Building the Pi1541

I first heard about the Pi1541 created by Steve White on Chicken Lips Radio. There had been other solutions in the past for hooking up an SD card to a C64/128 but nothing for the average hacker that would fully emulate a 1541 or daily chain to another real 1541.

Discovering that this project ran bare metal on the Raspberry Pi without any underlying OS was impressive to say the least, exactly what I was hoping someone would eventually produce.

I figured I could build this on perf board easily enough.

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